Kagan Binder attorneys have experience in a broad range of chemical and chemical processing technologies that include agricultural products and delivery systems; foods and food processing;  semiconductor cleaning and processing equipment; fluorochemicals and other specialty chemical products such as cleaning products, films, film coatings, polymeric binders, pigments, paints, composites, and adhesives.


Our attorneys partner with biotechnology companies in preparing patent applications, opinions, intellectual property reviews, and technology transfer agreements in the biotech arena; certain specific areas of expertise include bioassays, large molecule therapies, recombinant nucleic acids and proteins, transgenic organisms, molecular diagnostics, and fermentation technologies.


We protect a range of medical device and medical equipment technologies including implantable or wearable electronic devices; stents and other surgical implants; surgical tools and devices; catheters; and implantable electrical stimulation devices. Clients include entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized startup companies, and fortune 500 companies.


Software and Electrical

We represent clients in the fields of software and electrical products including all forms of software inventions; software licensing and transfer agreements; electronic controls; material detection, measurement, and sensing equipment; and process controls.



The firm’s mechanical technology expertise covers industrial and consumer products, tools, equipment, and machines. Specific areas of technological expertise include manufacturing and processing equipment; telecommunication devices and systems, including lasers and other optical devices; packaging equipment; solar cell processing; semiconductor processing; material processing and production; automotive engine and drive train systems; filtration equipment; and mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

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